.: temp web  16-12-2005 // Moos

Since noone wanted to be the lucky guy who made us a frikin free and nice homepage, I once more was stuck with it... endnin up with this simple shit, made in 20 mins a late night at gundys place, since he at this time, is to afraid to play vs me.

I sure hope that we someday soon can present u to a more classy web, but this will do for now.

This is a short term solution, mainly for saving clanwars: enjoy ur short stay.

 .: breakin' news 16-12-2005 // Moos

As many clans and players have told us, who knows how many times, we regretfully gotta admit that we over the recent period (almost a year) havent been able to save all scores. I'll hear no whine about only savins wins, as we miss more than 100 wins. Thereby aint said that we havent left out some losses aswell, but thing is that this is not an issue we have the time and the will to act upon. The wars thats been lost will not be added to the page, despite any outcome.